This great tutorial on multiprocessing in Python

Written as a Jupyter notebook nonetheless!

This piece on academic "quit lit"

There were some good parts, but honestly I'm not sure what point this guy's trying to make.

Scholars want to pursue their research, unencumbered by headaches and heartache, and they want to communicate the results of their scholarship to the brightest and most interested students around. Is that so much to ask?

Yes. It is. At least if the person asking is an adult. Before grad school, I worked for a talented screenwriter. I watched her career get trod upon by Hollywood executives with stupid suggestions and even stupider commands. Likewise, a friend’s father had his law career stifled by office politics and collegial jealousy. The fact is that no profession is perfect. Young architects dream of erecting museums but spend more time redesigning kitchens. Even the "dream" professions are not immune: Aren’t movie stars always complaining about having to answer inane questions in pointless interviews?

The great irony is that so many of the academics who complain about the corporatization of universities run off to get corporate jobs, where all the problems these scholars link to corporatizing trends — one would presume — would be present.

This Python module for slapping a GUI on any program

Gooey is attached to your code via a simple decorator on whichever method has your argparse declarations (usually main).

from gooey import Gooey

@Gooey      <--- all it takes! :)
def main():
    parser = ArgumentParser(...)
# rest of code

This cool little web app that converts handwritten equations into LaTeX

It's pretty good as far as I can tell.

This eye-opening piece on harrassment in academics

Holy language warning, Batman! Be prepared for a lot of f-bombs and other unsavory words...but then again she's shedding some much-needed light on an unsavory topic.

What I learned from the internet is that nothing upsets my male colleagues more than the pernicious sexual harassment that has been happening right under their noses for years. “What kind of world are we living in?” they wail, “And what can I do about it?” Ever since I can remember, I’ve actually been a woman, and so maybe I can offer some constructive advice. You can thank me later.

This splash page for Remix OS for desktop architectures

Built on the Android-x86 project, Remix OS for PC unlocks our next phase of development for Remix OS and introduces a whole new range of versatility to how and where you can Remix.

Android on desktop? Definitely something to watch.