Today I was reformatting a manuscript and changing from a numbered citation style to an author/date citation style. In doing so, I found some issues with my EndNote references library that had gone unnoticed before since they were tucked away in the reference list. One of the issues involved citation of a paper with a single consortium author, designated in the library as Honeybee_Genome_Sequencing_Consortium. I wasn't clear why it was formatted this way until I tried to fix the author field, and the citation then became Consortium HGS, as if this was a person's name. Neither the underscores nor the initials were satisfactory, so I decided to see if the Internet's collective wisdom (i.e. Google) had any light to shed on the issue.

It turns out that one way (the way?) to solve this issue is to type the consortium name as you want it to appear, and then append a comma at the end (in my case, Honeybee Genome Sequencing Consortium,). This tricks EndNote into thinking this is a surname, and thus it does not attempt to initialize the name. Perhaps there's a cleaner way, but this worked for me!

Hat tip to the University of Warwick for this blog post!